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Dan Gothard

Operations Director

Charity website tips - Keep it simple

In order to maximise the effectiveness of any website, it is essential for charities to keep their website easy to use. Simple and clear navigation is of the utmost importance, without it no-one will find the pages of your website beyond your homepage.

Attention spans online are rapidly reducing, visitors want to be able to find the information they want quickly and move onto their next task. If any process takes too long or is too complicated, people will be put off.

As a charity the key activities you want people to complete such as making a donation or completing a response form should be as straight forward as possible. That means it is essential to keep the number of fields as low as possible, make it clear what you want people to fill in, and make validation effective. Long processes can be split into multiple steps to stop them looking too daunting to improve the conversion rate of your website.