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Dan Gothard

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Charity website tips – Giving Options

As a charity, maximising your websites visitors giving is an important function of your website. It is easy to fall into the trap of seeing giving as purely financial by making your single donation facility easy to find without letting visitors know clearly how else they can support you.

Some visitors are going to be looking to make a single donation to your charity, where others are going to be prepared to support you on a regular basis. Other visitors may not be in a position to support you financially but still have many other ways they can contribute to your cause, perhaps by fundraising for you or giving their time. Or maybe they wouldn’t make a donation but would purchase an ethical gift or use a paid e-card facility.

Taking some of the principles often used by e-commerce websites, charities can help to increase their response and level of support. Cross selling, and clearly showing other options can help visitors find the information or method of response they are looking for.

One often forgotten page is the ‘Thank You’ page that someone is taken to once they have completed an action. It is easy just to think of this page as somewhere to put generic text, “Thank you for your support…” but this page can be put to much better use introducing other ways a visitors might like to get involved. Visitors who have already chosen to support you in one way are much more likely to be prepared to further support you if you give them good opportunities.