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Ben Kemp

Managing Director

Congratulations to a Digital Hero

We are very proud to announce that Pam Haigh from KidsOut: World Stories has won the award for the TalkTalk Digital Hero in the Eastern region.

The World Stories project is an online collection of short stories from other cultures, written and read in both English and in their original language.

The project aims to improve literacy skills for children, particularly those with English as an additional language and to help children gain an understanding of each other's cultural backgrounds.

Adept built the World Stories website back in 2010 and have seen it grow in to a great educational resource for parents and teachers.

Since the website launch the website has had over 176,000 unique visitors and now has over 2,000 teachers and 260 parents registered to access the materials on the website. This means that now over 165,000 children now able to benefit from this exciting project.

Over the years Adept has aided with the development of the World Stories website and added functionality as the project has grown from strength to strength.

We are excited about the future for Pam and World Stories, and are extremely proud to be a part of the World Stories project.

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Ben Kemp

Managing Director

An introduction to Just Giving 'One-Touch'

The rise in donations from mobile devices is set to rise dramatically due to the imminent introduction of JustGiving’s ‘One-Touch’ donations service, which has been specifically designed to make donations via a mobile device much simpler.

The development is based on figures from April 2013, which saw mobile and tablet traffic to justgiving.com overtake desktop traffic for the first time and the prediction that “by 2014 (JustGiving) think around 70% of you will be using your smartphones to give to your favourite charity.”

There will also be the facility to opt-in to Gift Aid, which is recognised by HMRC. This will simplify the process of GiftAid donations.

This shift in the donations process on JustGiving is a further indication of the impending importance of the ‘mobile friendly’ website.

Please see our previous posts about ‘Responsive Design’ and ‘Dedicated Mobile websites’ for more information on achieving the best possible mobile website presence.

For more information visit the JustGiving blog at http://blog.justgiving.com/community/one-touch-donate/

If you have any questions regarding Mobile Friendly websites, do feel free to drop us an email at hello@adeptdigital.biz or give us a call on 01603 340 750.

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Dan Gothard

Operations Director

Merry Christmas

Adept would like to wish all our clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2012 is going to be an exciting year at Adept as the company continues to grow and move into new markets, with some big announcements along the way. Watch this space for more...

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Dan Gothard

Operations Director

Twitter and SEO

In the current, competitive business climate, getting your website to the top of the search engines is important for the success of any business. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in.

SEO is a constantly changing game, with the major search engines such as Google and Bing constantly updating how they work in order to provide the best results to users. In order to do well in these rankings you need a wide ranging digital strategy, and one thing that is worth considering is Twitter.

Since late 2009 Google and Bing have both had partnerships with Twitter, giving them real-time access to the data posted to the site. In Google’s case these have been popping up in some searches as real time results, that update on the screen in front of you. However, Google and Bing have both now confirmed that the contents of Tweets can actually affect the normal organic search engine results as well.

If a tweet contains a link to a page, Google will be aware of the link (even if it has been shortened by one of the many services out there) and will use this as one of the signals for how popular a news article or page is. More links on Twitter equals a more popular post. But that’s not all, Google also look at the authority of the author to judge the quality of the link. The simplest way to think of this is by looking at how many followers a Twitter account has, the more followers, the more authority the link is awarded.

That sounds pretty simple, and that is what has been confirmed by Google and Bing, however using a bit of common sense and knowing how the search engines treat other content we can guess that the following also are important:

  • Diversity – having 50 tweets of a link (or links to one site) from one account is not as valuable as 50 tweets from 50 unique accounts.
  • Surrounding content – the wording of the message accompanying the message puts the link in context (think keywords). Also originality plays a key role here, if your tweets all look the same it looks much more like spam/marketing than if you produce original content each time.
  • Engagement – the number of retweets of a message will surely affect the authority given to the link.
  • Timing – tweeting a link when an article is new is going to be valuable, but consistent tweeting of a link over time from different sources will show the long term value of the content to a search engine.
  • Importance of followers – As well as the number of followers you have, their importance in the Twitter ecosystem (eg how many different followers they have in turn) is likely to play an important role.
  • Association – Chances are the search engines have worked out a pretty good picture of what website controls each Twitter account. Promoting your own content isn’t going to be as valuable as having your links promoted by other Twitter users.


When you come to think about your social networking strategy, you need to start thinking about more than publishing. While pushing out your own content is a great start, to get the maximum benefit from social media you need to get engagement. That’s retweeting, other people tweeting your content, and having an active pool of followers.

Now, think beyond Twitter, and apply the same concepts to other social media outlets such as your blog and Facebook, and the long term SEO value of your social media efforts starts to show its effect.

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Dan Gothard

Operations Director

Christmas and New Year Email Offers

To celebrate the Christmas period, Adept are running a couple of extra special offers on Bespoke HTML Emails. For more details or to take up one of these offers please contact enquiries@adeptdigital.biz.

Offer 1 - Last Minute Christmas Mailers

Want to get an email our to your customers or supporters before Christmas, but haven't managed to sort it out yet? We are offering to design a Bespoke Christmas Email for only £395 (that's £200 off our regular price!).

Offer ends 10th December 2010.
If you would like to take up this offer we require your creative brief, copy and images by the 10th of December in order to guarantee this price and delivery before Christmas.

Offer 2 - New Year Mailers

To continue the festivities into the New Year, we are extending this offer for New Year emails as well. Plan ahead and we'll match our Christmas price for emails sent in January 2011, that's only £395!

Offer ends 7th January 2011. Emails must be completed and sent by 31st January 2011.
If you would like to take up this offer we require your creative brief, copy and images by the 7th of January in order to guarantee this price.

Conditions of offers
Both offers are for Bespoke Email Templates, these are designed for one-off sends and are not editable through SmartMail. If you would like to send more than one email based on the same template but with different copy we may be able to offer you a special price for multiple bespoke emails.

Job must be raised by the offer deadline for the advertised price to be valid, and all copy, images and creative brief must be received by that time.

Bespoke Emails will be uploaded into the SmartMail system for you to send, or provided as HTML and images for use in another email system of your choice.

Prices exclude VAT. Note: Invoices sent after 4th January 2011 will be at 20% VAT.