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Dedicated mobile websites

Following on from the ‘Responsive Web Design for mobile devices’ article, here is some information on dedicated mobile websites.

A dedicated Mobile site is a separate version of your website designed exclusively for mobile usage. This would, as I’m sure you’ve surmised, be totally separate to your desktop website and would be developed similarly to a microsite and be maintained separately.



The difference is, that unlike responsive design, a dedicated mobile website can feature content tailored to a mobile user. Also development of a mobile site is usually a simplified version of a company’s main website, so can be put together fairly quickly, although this depends on what functionality the mobile site requires.

The dedicated mobile website’s main asset is that it can be built alongside a main website which at present doesn’t need any major re-development, so for example if you currently have no plans for a website re-design and you’re afraid of losing out on users that may be trying to access you website via a mobile device, a dedicated mobile site can be produced.

Some pros of a dedicated mobile site:

  • Building a dedicated mobile site is similar to creating a small website or microsite.
  • A dedicated mobile website would use tailor made content for mobile users.
  • Allows a completely unique mobile user experience as has no reliance on the desktop site.

Some cons of a dedicated mobile site:

  • Creates additional website administration by having two sets of content to maintain.
  • There are additional development costs and time over responsive design.
  • Relies on user agent switching to detect mobiles which needs constant updating for new devices.

If you have any questions regarding mobile websites do feel free to drop us an email at hello@adeptdigital.biz or give us a call on 01603 340 750.