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Additional and innovative methods of fundraising.

It’s no secret that the current economic climate in the UK has had an enormous effect on charitable donations over the past few years.

When the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) released the ‘2012 UK Giving report’  back in November, research found that donations in 2011-12 fell by 20% which equated to a fall of £2.3bn.

In reply to these figures, a speaker at the recent NCVO Evolve event said that “charities could make better use of Crowdfunding, targeted marketing and skills sharing.”

The message from this is clear – In today’s climate, charities need to be constantly exploring new ways of securing donations from supporters.

Within this article, we’ll look at a few of the options that are available to charities, that won’t cost the world to set up.

Register with ‘Give as you Live’ or a similar platform

If you are a charity, school or church and not registered with www.giveasyoulive.com or a similar platform, you are missing out on a percentage of your supporter’s online purchases.

Give as you Live works with thousands of online stores, such as Amazon, B&Q , Tesco and John Lewis, that offer to donate a commission to charity on every online purchase.

When installed, Give as you Live highlights any websites which offer support, as can be seen in the image below.

A user will register for an account with Give as you Live and at that point select a charity to support – all commission earned then gets redirected to the charity.

This would offer an additional revenue stream for a charity, and the more people supporting you through these kinds of platform would result in more revenue.

Over £3.5m has already been raised on Give as you Live alone, and this is set to rise alongside the popularity of such giving devices.

Make use of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been around for a while but is only just starting to gain prevalence within the third sector.

Crowdfunding websites such as www.crowdfunder.co.uk and www.ukcfa.org.uk offer charities, not for profits and social enterprises a platform to pitch a project or campaign to website users. They can then invest as much or little as they want to.

This may not be so relevant for larger charities as this is basically just an extension of a charities website, however, it is an extra avenue of revenue and also will offer more exposure.

Register with Playmob or a similar platform

Projects such as www.playmob.com harness the power of the online gaming industry by offering charities to promote their projects through the website, and allowing gamers to select which game they play to help with a particular project, this works through a service called Giverboard.

Playmob lets charities fundraise by allowing players of online social games to buy virtual items linked to a charity. For example, a tractor bought in a farming game could be linked to a charity which assists with development in the third world.

The method of fundraising can increase engagement by getting in front of mass audiences online, whilst receiving an additional revenue stream.

The below infographic outlines how a user would donate.

Giverboard instructions

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