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Why charities need a strong online presence.

As outlined in our previous post Additional and innovative methods of fundraising, charity donations have fallen significantly of late. This has a massive detrimental effect, as the decline resonates throughout the entire sector.

Although we’d like to think that all of us within and on the peripheries of the third sector are working towards a common goal, there is undoubtedly massive competition for any donations, which means that monitoring and staying in touch with giving trends is incredibly important.

With that in mind, we took a look in to the recent ‘Digital Giving Review 2012’ study that ‘Give as you Live’ and the ‘Institute of Fundraising’ have published and in which 500 UK charities took part. The report can be downloaded from here www.giveasyoulive.com/survey.

The executive summary reads:

  • across all charities, online audiences are now as large as traditional offline audiences: 51% online, 49% offline
  • in less than a decade, Facebook and Twitter audiences combined have grown to equal 35% of the overall charity audience
  • yet, despite this rapid growth, online channels represent only 30% of the overall income received, with 70% of charity income still generated through offline channels
  • all charities communicate with their online audiences more frequently than their offline audiences
  • however, larger charities are 1.51 times more likely than smaller charities to communicate daily with their online audiences
  • the primary barriers to successful online fundraising were identified as internal resources (37%) and donor resistance (24%)

The above figures suggest that 30% of the UK’s £9.3bn in charitable donations in 2011/12 were received online, which is a figure of roughly £2.8bn, and still a staggering amount of money.

In conclusion then, it seems that donations are following other online trends and growing at a considerable rate. There is a danger then that some charities, that don’t have a modern, strong online presence, could be missing out on donations and support and ultimately get left behind.

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