Email Marketing

Adept work with many of our charity clients to help develop their email marketing campaigns as a central component of their digital marketing mix. Whether this may be creating a strategy and providing the tools for email newsletters that can be updated and sent regularly by the client, or creating bespoke one-off marketing emails, Adept have the experience to ensure success.

Adept make use of the SmartMail system to offer our clients an easy-to-use, cost-effective email marketing tool, which includes a range of facilities including list management, email campaign creation, distribution and reporting integrated into the Unicity CMS their website is built on.



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Many of our charity clients send regular email newsletters to their supporters, in order to increase engagement and solicit further donations. We have developed tried and tested strategies for email newsletters and can advise our clients on how to get the best results.

By creating templates for the SmartMail system, Adept give our clients the tools to manage their newsletters themselves after the initial set-up, keeping ongoing costs low and increasing the speed at which the charity can get news to their supporters.




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One-off marketing emails

Some marketing requires something more specific in order to convey a single strong message and call to action. This is where the Adept design team step in, bringing a mix of traditional marketing and digital marketing skills together in order to produce email campaigns that are highly effective.

Once complete, the email campaign would be delivered via the SmartMail system allowing the response to the campaign to be tracked.








SmartMail Email Marketing System

SmartMail Email Marketing System

SmartMail offers users the ability to create email campaigns based on branded templates through an easy-to-use online tool. Mailing lists can be managed within the tools allowing subscribers to sign up on your website, or for data to be imported from existing databases. SmartMail handles all your unsubscribes for you making sure you stay within the law.

Email campaigns are distributed through the SmartMail network to ensure the highest levels of deliverability are maintained at all times. Bounce backs are processed automatically to help keep your lists clean, and open rates, click through rates and other statistics can be viewed within the SmartMail interface.