Hosting and Support

Adept host all the websites we produce on our own servers in order to provide the highest levels of performance and support. We carefully control the usage of our network in order to ensure the quality of service remains high at all times.

Our network is monitored 24/7 to ensure that everything is running in peak condition, and is tightly tuned to the requirements of the Unicity CMS.

We have a range of hosting packages that we can offer depending on the disk space and bandwidth requirements of your website. Packages can be upgraded at any time in order to provide for larger capacity if it is required as your site grows.


Technical Support

Technical supportUnlike some companies, we take the ongoing support of your website seriously. We have full time staff dedicated to managing our hosting, proactively monitoring services and providing technical support. This gives our customers peace of mind that they can get assistance when it is needed.

All hosting customers receive complimentary support by email with guaranteed response times. Our engineers will assist with any technical issues you may experience with your hosting, as well as providing a CMS helpdesk if you require further assistance using the Unicity CMS on your website.




Premium telephone supportPremium Telephone Support

In addition to our core support offering, many customers choose to upgrade to our premium service that includes telephone support free of charge and faster guaranteed response times.




Unicity CMS Upgrades

Unicity CMS Upgrades

Adept subscribe to receive updates for the Unicity CMS as soon as they are released, introducing new functionality and updating compatibility with new browsers and technologies. These upgrades will be provided and installed free of charge to customers on our hosting network.