Social Media solutions to make sure your voice is heard

Social media forms a key part of many charities' overall communication strategy, allowing them to reach out to new audiences or simply increase the level of engagement of existing supporters. We help our clients by integrating social media into their online communications in appropriate and effective ways.

Social SharingSocial Sharing

In order to encourage visitors to your website to share your content on their social media networks, we often make use of Social Media Sharing facilities within the websites we create. When used correctly, these can be an effective tool to drive additional traffic to your website.

As well as integrating with the common networks such as Facebook and Twitter, we will often make use of “Send by email” features as well as integrating with a wide range of other networks to give you maximum exposure.

During the design and planning phases of a new project we will look at appropriate places to include social sharing, to explore how best it can be used.




Social FeedsSocial Feeds

If you are active on a site such as Twitter, it can often be advantageous to show this to visitors on your website. We will analyse your social activities and suggest appropriate ways of integrating feeds of this content into your website. This may be as simple as showing your latest Tweet on your homepage to encourage new followers, or something more engaging that brings full feeds of your content onto specific pages of your website as appropriate.




Social Profile Branding



Social Profile Branding

Our team of designers can help you make your social profile pages your own, by designing background images, profile logos and header banners that work with your organisation's branding.





Facebook Apps


Facebook Apps

Additional bespoke facilities can be integrated into your charity's Facebook page through the use of Facebook Apps. Whether it’s for an event sign-up, accepting donations or simply to publish additional designed information to your page, our development team can help by integrating new functionality to your Facebook page.